Data Centres & IT Facilities

Data Centers & IT Facilities

Due to the enormous investments in the equipment they house, and the essential nature of the information they process, Data Centers require highly reliable electromechanical systems for electricity supply, space conditioning, fire protection and security.

Four Nines Reliability

In order to operate effectively, banks and other financial services companies require reliable communications, data processing and data storage facilities. Major equipment is often housed in dedicated Data Centers, where 99.99% reliability is not an uncommon requirement. Unreliable air conditioning plant or deficient coolant supplies may cause computer main¬frames or racks to overheat, resulting in malfunction and loss of data. Surveys suggest that around 45% of all IT data loss is the result of electrical failures, power cuts or transient spikes. A breakdown can result in the loss of essential information, and seriously impair the operations of a major corporation. With these risks in mind, data center owners expect their designers to include safeguards against such threats, and most IT suites now feature back-up systems such as uninterruptible power supplies and dual circuit coolant systems. However, for a variety of reasons, vital steps aimed at protecting IT equipment are sometimes not taken. In-depth testing of critical equipment may not have been specified, properly managed or conducted. To properly address Data Centre reliability ECOFAC would examine the services design in detail, ensuring that all potential weaknesses and any ‘single point of failure’ (SPOF) is pinpointed and resolved. The installation itself would be examined to ensure the adequacy of quality, performance and reliability. Finally, ECOFAC would conduct an Integrated System Test (IST), whereby all types of potential failures would be simulated, and the effectiveness of the associated protective devices and back-up systems and equipment proven beyond doubt.