Environmental Architecture & Interior Design


Founded on the idea that environmental design can smartly, creatively and economically govern how we design houses and buildings given the correct practical application of environmental design and thinking. This idea then becomes the beginning point of our discussion about design.
By designing houses that respond to the local climates, many resources can be saved or used more efficiently. The way this is achieved is by using passive design principles which use sun and wind for natural heating and cooling.
Passive solar and passive cooling design principles maximize the benefits of good orientation to sun and wind in temperate climates. By designing homes which trap radiant energy (the suns heat) in thermal mass (concrete) we are able to sufficiently heat a house naturally over winter. During summer we design for natural ventilation and passive cooling. A passive solar home can reduce its energy consumption by up to 40%. This will be higher for clients who really commit to these ideas and could be as high as 70% energy reduction.
Passive cooling design principles use natural air flow, reduced sunlight, natural materials and optimise shade in tropical climates. Correctly orientating houses to prevailing winds and preventing extreme solar penetration into homes becomes fundamental. The use of shade becomes extremely important through use of correct eaves design, feature walls, cooling ponds and local indigenous plants to shade houses.
Commercial projects begin by proposing an environmental design strategy to clients that works with the economic nature of the project and practical application of sustainable design ideas. Other aspects of sustainability we focus on are material selection and correctly understanding the ‘Cradle to Cradle’ life-cycle processes of all materials used to construct houses and buildings.
On request we are able to facilitate certified green houses and buildings through GREENSTAR or HOMESTAR (NZ & Australia) GREENMARK (Singapore), LEED (USA) and PASSIVHAUS ( Germany).

An architecture and design firm focusing on environmental house design combined with modern architectural form.
We offer creative environmental design solutions in passive solar gain, passive cooling strategies, energy efficient design and healthy material selection. Our emphasis is to resiliently connect each project with people and nature, delivering a unique design approach for each unique situation.
Our design approach is hands on where we work alongside clients to deliver successful projects. Currently we are working on projects in New Zealand, South East Asia and The Middle East.


A wide experience from different types of project like from interior design, house design, medium density housing design, commercial building design, resort design, embassy design, school renovation design, large scale condominium development design and, master planning.

  • Licenced Building Practitioner: Design Two, BP121392(NZ)
  • Homestar Practitioner (New Zealand Green Building Council)



  • 2013 Breathe medium density housing entry for Christchurch City council (New Zealand).
  • 2010 Awarded First Place equal in The Residential Concrete Sustainability Awards sponsored by CCANZ (New Zealand).
  • 2009 Passive solar building entry for AAA Cavalier Bremworth Design Awards (New Zealand).
  • 2009 Passive solar building entry for FUTURARC International Design Competition (Singapore).