ECOFAC can achieve improvements in standards of performance, comfort and efficiency through the execution of systematic processes, for both new developments or existing facilities, including:
Green Building CertificationGreen Building Certification

Green Building Certification

ECOFAC can offer unique, detailed and thorough insight to green building certification requirements and the processes that can achieve truly green and sustainable buildings.operation and maintenance manuals etc.
Environmental Architecture & Interior Design Environmental Architecture & Interior Design

Environmental Architecture & Interior Design

An architecture and design firm focusing on environmental house design combined with modern architectural form.
Project/Commissioning ManagementProject/Commissioning Management

Project/Commissioning Management

of all or part of a new building’s engineering systems and equipment, with full capability to undertake management of the commissioning process at any stage in project development.
Sustainable LandscapingSustainable Landscaping

Sustainable Landscaping

Ecofac Landscape design offers a comprehensive design service which is always individually tailored to meet each client’s needs, style and budget.
Indoor Environmental PerformanceIndoor Environmental Performance

Indoor Environmental Performance

evaluations, including ,indoor air quality, thermal comfort, lighting quality and acoustical performance, to ensure occupants are not adversely affected by substandard conditions.
Eco - Friendly Decoration MaterialsEco - Friendly Decoration Materials

Eco - Friendly Decoration Materials

A very unique, dramatic and modern look, 100% recyclable materials – LEED’s contributor.
Building Survey & AuditsBuilding Survey & Audits

Building Survey & Audits

In existing buildings, including the indoor environmental conditions, system and equipment energy performance, FM and O&M practices, benchmarks and targets.


Recommissioning (RCx) or Retro-Commissioning (Retro-Cx) is the process through which existing buildings are commissioned again to improve the building’s overall performance.
Independent VerificationIndependent Verification

Independent Verification

Of every aspect of quality relevant to a project’s building services systems, providing definitive, independent analysis of performance and reliability.
Documentation ManagementDocumentation Management

Documentation Management

And the production of high-quality O+M manuals and Building Log Book (Systems Manual) for efficient building operation & maintenance.
T+C TrainingT+C Training

T+C Training

For technicians and engineers to provide a firm grounding in the procedures essential for adequate testing and commissioning of major building services systems.
Data Centre testing and commissioningData Centre testing and commissioning

Data Centre testing and commissioning

Including Integrated Systems Testing (IST) to ensure equipment is fully protected against electromechanical deficiencies and failures.
Benchmarking Energy PerformanceBenchmarking Energy Performance

Benchmarking Energy Performance

Through energy modelling, including model calibration, energy auditing, quantifying energy savings through measurement & verification of energy conservation measures (ECMs), including building upgrades and recommissioning.
Facility ManagementFacility Management

Facility Management

ECOFAC provides total facilities management services through delivering integrated Sustainable solutions.
Specialist ManpowerSpecialist Manpower

Specialist Manpower

Capable of thoroughly evaluating, recording and ad­justing the performance of all building services equipment and associated control and monitoring systems.
Fire Safety SystemsFire Safety Systems

Fire Safety Systems

Testing and commissioning, including staircase pressurization and smoke extraction systems, emergency generators, fire alarm & detection systems, etc., including integration with the Building Automation System.