Ecofac is a relatively young company. Formed in 2004 it has grown to employ over forty full time staff, most of whom are highly qualified, professionally and/or academically.

Backed by the decades of experience accumulated by our well-qualified staff on prestigious projects in Middle East and other gulf countries, we strive to maintain the highest standards of integrity, quality and expertise second to none.
Testament to our service quality is the continued engagement in large projects for high-profile organizations in the region. Ecofac portfolio includes Hotels, Airports, Hospitals, Offices and other facilities for corporations such as ALEC, EMAAR, Nakheel, Ritz Carlton, Philips, Dubai Properties, etc.
Within years of formation, Ecofac has been engaged in green building certifications for several projects in the Middle East.
Whether it is a brand new, hi-tech building, or simply a need to reduce the carbon footprint and energy costs, Ecofac can help.

For us, no project is too big or too small.

Our Mission
To help enhance the sustainability of the building stock, both new and existing facilities.
Our Purpose
To provide developers, owners and tenants with a comprehensive, one-stop service to enhance the performance and asset value of their facilities, and where required, provide assistance in achieving recognition through third party certification.



  1. Save on construction cost and time through project management of the commissioning process.
  2. Reduce risks by ensuring new projects meet the owners project requirements and design intent through quality assurance oversight of all T+C activities.
  3. Independently verify the quality and performance of the installed systems and equipment.
  4. Ensure project information is contained in high quality O&M manuals.
  5. Reduce energy bills and operating costs in existing facilities through upgrades to systems and equipment, and FM/O&M staff skills.
  6. Ensure reliability and adequate protection of data centre and mainframe IT critical systems.
  7. Guide project teams to achieve green building or energy performance certification.