T+C Training

An early appointment ensures that we can involve ourselves in the design phase of a project, helping the designers iron out any errors or oversight which would otherwise manifest themselves as problems during the construction phase. We seek to ensure designs are commissionable, and contract documents make clear the T+C requirements and responsibilities In serious cases, particularly on fast-track projects, defects are purpose concealed, evident problems are ignored, and T+C data falsified, in order to indicate systems perform as specified. The outcome is that a client pays good money for a defective product.


At the same time, we set about planning and programming the various tasks which will feature during the course of the project, tying suppliers and contractors to meaningful, achievable targets which will facilitate high-quality installation without the need for corner-cutting that often occurs when unrealistic milestones are imposed.


We focus on T+C issues at an early stage, considering all factors which might impact upon successful proving and handover of the building systems, and acting to solve any problems. Each task is tracked in order that subsequent tasks are protected, with actions taken to ensure that delays are minimized.

Throughout the construction phase, we work closely with the contractors, highlighting any defects or omissions which would result in inadequate levels of performance and efficiency. This role is performed in a hands-on, pro-active manner, which removes the need for negative reporting and achieves acceptable standards with minimal criticism or embarrassment. Following successful completion of the installations, we interface closely with the project’s T+C teams, assisting them with any technical queries or difficulties, certifying the accuracy of test data, and reporting independently on the overall quality of the services’ performance.
The end result of this approach is that end-users takes up residence secure in the knowledge that major electromechanical problems have been detected, addressed and resolved prior to occupancy and, not withstanding post-occupancy and seasonally deferred commissioning, that the performance of their building services systems meets the design intend and owner’s needs.

During the defects liability/warranty period we can engage in post-occupancy commissioning and evaluation of systems and equipment performance.